Food Storage

Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sale for the Summer begins June 1st! It won't melt in the car, is great to take on trips to the beach or on vacation and is a super idea for a dripless kids party! Extra Special pricing available to customers on our monthly automatic delivery "Q" program - not available in our retail store - only through online ordering.


Great Tasting Thrive Foods, MRE's and more
Squirrels put away nuts every Fall in case the Winter is longer than usual. After this past horrendous Winter, who can argue that having a little extra food and staple items in your pantry is a smarter idea than trudging out through the snow drifts in the freezing cold only to find the shelves bare at the local grocery store or bodega? Your Grandmother probably put up canned goods and stocked a pantry for a "rainy day" and everyone is always encouraged to put away cash in a savings account to carry you through unexpected circumstance - but you can't eat money! Doesn't it just make sense to have a bit of a "food savings account too?" Know anyone who has lost their job recently? Downsized? Laid off? Maybe even you in the past? In today's uncertain economy, who can deny they might feel a whole lot less anxious knowing you have squirreled away an extra buffer supply of tasty food should the job market or the economy affect you in a personal way? The "THRIVE Q" your customizable monthly order shipment program, can help you build up your pantry incrementally, on a budget you can afford, simply by reallocating a portion of your current budget to great tasting THRIVE foods? Hedge your bet against future inflation! Food offers a great way to lock in the price of food today - what better investment in your future?... you can't eat gold!


We know we can't possibly carry all the great organic and food items you might want in our retail store, so we've partnered with to open a wider world of shopping to you, yet still helping New York Thrives to grow and prosper. Your purchase from our Annex at Amazon shop, via the link below, allows us to make a small commission on your purchases. Why send your hard earned money out of the local economy to a nameless faceless company, when a local merchant keeps it close to home? We appreciated your support by using our link below.


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