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Everyone seems so overworked and busy these days, we know many of you prefer the convenience of shopping online - especially during the coldest days of the year. As your former local retailer and neighbor we appreciated your business and are are so pleased to be able to offer you several online options to shop for products we are no longer able to make available at retaildue to the closing of our store at New York Thrives. While nothing can substitute for the lively conversation and social interaction we shared at the store, at least a portion of your purchase dollars at these online portals is returned to the local community and supports New York Thrives.

Thank you for your continued business. New York Thrives.

ThriveLife - As you know, New York Thrives is an Independent Distributor of high quality freeze dried and dehydrated foods, food storage shelving and supplies as well as Disaster/Emergency/Survival, travel and camping products. While we used to have a wide selection available in our store your your evaluation, you have access to the complete product line through our consultant web portal at


Cafe Press - Over the years we have created a great many original, fun and practical designs on a variety of subjects and made them available - printed on demand - through Cafe Press. We have created a "New York Thrives" store to showcase designs and products we think our customers might enjoy or find useful. Stop on over and view the t-shirt, mugs, totes and gift items we have created specifically for our Urban Farm, Preparedness and Sustainability customers by visiting New York Thrives at Cafe Press



Amazon - You can't beat for variety and convenience. Since it has turned out to be one of our biggest competitors we decide "if you can't beat 'em, join em" and so we did. We have put a lot of thought and time into setting up our "a store" to showcase items we think our customers will wnat and enjoy. If you go directly to, you will not be able to benefit from our wonderful selection of prescreened merchandise so next time you are considering a purchase OF ANYTHING from Amazon, we'd appreciate you originating you visit from our store - visit the New York Thrives Annex at Amazon.