Emergency, Disaster, Survival, Camping, Travel & Preparedness Supplies
Life is full of emergencies both large and small. You prepare from many of them already with auto, health and homeowners insurance - others, you probably haven't yet. Shouldn't your home be equipped with the barest emergency essentials like a first aid kit, fire extinguisher or emergency escape ladder? Aren't you maybe flirting with danger just a wee bit? Flat tires, power outages, hurricanes, floods, job loss, fire, and a whole host of natural and man-made emergencies make victims of most of us at one time or another - it can happen to you too. In addition to the extensive assortment of quality food products for everyday menu planning , we also carry a large selection of emergency preparedness products.

We know sometimes, the weather isn't too favorable, or time is a little short. As an Independent Distributor of high quality freeze dried and dehydrated foods, food storage shelving and supplies as well as Disaster/Emergency/Survival, travel and camping products by Shelf Reliance we do carry a wide selection in our store your your evaluation but we don't carry everything. Through the image (to the left) and the text link (at the end of this paragraph) you have access to the complete product line through our consultant web portal at