Gardening Seeds, Plants & Supplies
Nothing is more rewarding than growing your own food. Whether you are looking for heirloom, organic or non genetically modified seeds and plant starts, organic fertilizers, composters, vermiculture (worm composting), rain barrels or books, we've got you covered! Come on down to the store and see how we an help you grow better and eat better.

We know we can't possibly carry all the great gardening items you might want in our retail store, so we've partnered with to open a wider world of shopping to you, yet still helping New York Thrives to grow and prosper. Your purchase from our Annex at Amazon shop, via the link to the right, allows us to make a small commission on your purchases. Why send your hard earned money out of the local economy to a nameless faceless company, when a local merchant keeps it close to home? We appreciate your support in this manner :)